The Apostle intends to help all people to discover the source of the problems.

The question that arises and we will answer here is, "Why do many Catholics and believers cry out to God and God does not respond?"

Society suffers because it does not know the true origin of the problems.

In the first place we have to understand that God is not the cause of problems.

So over the next few weeks we are going through the Bible to address the "10 Commandments" and see what are the major causes of the problems that currently affect society.

The goal is to help free people. How? Knowing the “TRUTH” about the Rights and duties Established in the CRPConstitution of the Portuguese Republic for all Organs of our Nation's sovereignty (People, State and Courts).

ARTICLE 3 (Sovereignty and legality)

1. The sovereignty, one and indivisible, lies in the people, who exercise it according to the forms provided for in the Constitution.

2. The State is subordinate to the Constitution and is based on democratic legality.

3. The validity of laws and other acts of the State, autonomous regions, local government and any other public entities depends on their conformity with the Constitution.

Citation Constitution of the Portuguese Republic

A Nation organizes itselfsimilar to a company. Where there is three main bodies: General Meeting, Administrative Council and Fiscal Council.

In the Nation, the General Assembly, the owners, is the people that vote and defines who represents them in the Administrative Council.(Government and Parliament).

The Administrative Council is the Government that manages wealth, manages goods and people, makes decisions under the control and approval of Parliament, always within the limits of the Constitution, for the purpose of benefiting the people.

The Fiscal Council is the Courts, whose highest authority is the Judges, who are independent of the State and oversee the acts of the Administrative Council, having the duty to prohibit and punish all acts that harm the rights of citizens in accordance with the Constitution.
ARTICLE 202 (Jurisdiction)

1. Courts are the sovereign bodies with jurisdiction to administer justice on behalf of the people.

2. In the administration of justice, it is incumbent upon the courts to protect the legally protected rights and interests of citizens, to repress violations of democratic legality and to resolve conflicts of public and private interests.

Citation Constitution of the Portuguese Republic

It means that Real accountability for corruption , injustices the people suffer is the Judges > To ensure that does not happen.

That is, we intend show that the problem da corruption in one Nation Are not the politicians, political parties Corrupted, But the Courts and the Judges that allow them to commit acts of corruption.

O seu nomeGILBERTO
Janeiro 06, 2017
Felizardo Francico
Dezembro 25, 2016
Quem tem ouvido para ouvir, ouça o que Espírito fala as Igreja pela boca do seu Ungido.
Deus nos ama e nos quer ajudar.
Victor Silveira
Dezembro 19, 2016
Olá Família!
Quem sabe falar, fale pelos mudos.
Tempo dos faraós escravizar o povo acabou!
Dezembro 18, 2016
Grande Revelação... o Homem tem autoridade para falar. Deus com o Apóstolo Jorge Tadeu
Lurdes Gonçalves
Dezembro 17, 2016
Glória a Deus pregue tudo Apóstolo grande Profeta de Deus.
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