Come and comply with the commandment of Jesus, on the 10th February at 11:00

This month the Water Baptism will be held at the Maná Church of Alvalade, Lisbon.

For more information contact us on: (+44) 2085 48817

The Water Baptism is a commandment of Jesus (Mark 16:16) and is carried out by immersion in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, not as an exclusive way to salvation, but as part of it.

It is a public act of faith, which symbolizes death and resurrection to a new life.

Following the Water Baptism, there needs to happen, a change of life, that is, I have to want to please God more and more.

Date: 10th Febrauary | Location: Maná Church of Alvalade

Be part of this great event that will change your life!
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