The ManaSat is a huge objective to have a family channel with a Christian character to transmit the moral values to our children’s, teenagers and adults.

We all know what kind of world we're living in and the type of programs that they pass for our children's and teenagers; it’s full of violence, sex, adultery etc.

The ManaSat is an alternative for all the family that want to see their children in good paths and with character and moral that will make them great and succeed in life.

If you want to CONTRIBUTE for this project, I would like to thank you before hand for your participation and we give the promise of God- Luke 6:38, in which he will bless you.

Every month all the Mana Churches collect a special offering for this channel.

Also if you prefer you could send your offering (See the website)

For more information call us on (+351) 21 190 89 90

"Thank you for helping us, go much further and much closer to you!"

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