It is a time to receive the Fresh Anointing of God.

A program under the responsibility of the Maná Church, which is transmitted live from the main headquarters in Alvalade: Lisbon, Portugal.

Once a month a VIGIL is done in all the Maná Churches with the purpose of praying and interceding for specific matters..

In this event,praising is given to the priority, small practical lessons and a lot of Prayer and Intercession.

If you have a difficult situation in your life or in your family to resolve,or you want a transformation in your life, Dedicate this extra time to GOD.

Fight against your true enemy.

A huge monthly event, that's always on the 1st week of every month, from 00:00 to 03:00.

2nd of February 2018
Friday– 24:00
In a Maná Church near you.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: (see the Addresses of the Maná Churches)

OR CALL- MANÁ SOS: +020 8548 8917

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